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Diplomatic Sales.

Why Volkswagen is the best choice for you.

You have quite a few excellent reasons to choose Volkswagen. First of all we are the number 1 brand in Belgium. On top of that we guarantee a very low Total Cost of Use. And it goes without saying that you always get a tailormade offer. These are just 3 out of 15 reasons. Please read on for the full list.

Volkswagen for official use.

From a prestigious coupé to a luxurious shuttle, we have the diplomatic car for you. If you belong to the following categories, and if you have any questions or would like an offer or a test-drive, we will be delighted to assist you.

  • Embassies
  • European Union representations
  • European Parliament
  • Council of ministers of Europe
  • NATO
  • Ministerial cabinets
  • CEOs of public enterprises

Please contact:

  • Françoise Hanze
    + 32 (0) 2 233 71 99 or francoise.hanze@dieteren.be
  • Ben Verhaegen
    + 32 (0) 2 756 83 25 or ben.verhaegen@dieteren.be
Volkswagens for private use.

An agile city car? An impressive SUV? A future-proof electric car? Find it at Volkswagen if you belong to the following categories.

Staff (statutory)

  • Embassies
  • CEE EU
  • NATO


  • Politicians
  • Members of Parliament
  • Senators

If you have any questions or would like an offer or a test-drive, please contact the Volkswagen dealer of your choice.

Deale locator  - Car configurator

Profitez d’un intéressant Avantage de Toute Nature (ATN)

1. Enjoy an interesting Advantage of All Nature (AAN).

If you have a company car, you also use it privately. The government considers this to be an advantage. They see your company car as a part of your wage. That’s why you get taxed on it. (Of course this is only applicable if you have to pay taxes in Belgium.)

The calculation of this Advantage of All Nature is based on 3 elements: the catalogue value of your company car, its CO2 emissions and the type of fuel.

Compared with real premium brands a Volkswagen has a lot to offer for its catalogue value. We keep the price of our option packs as low as possible. On top of that the emissions are limited by green technology. If you drive an electric car or a car on natural gas, you even have zero emission. This all means you possibly enjoy a low Advantage of All Nature. So taxes are low as well.

Choisissez un avenir vert

2. Choose a green future.

From fully electric vehicles, like the e-Golf, to plug-in hybrids and cars on natural gas, Volkswagen offers a wide array of environmentally friendly models.

And thanks to innovative technologies our TSI and TDI engines lower their fuel consumption and their emissions, that perfectly respect the Euro 6 norm. Our petrol engines are equipped with a particle filter, while the diesel engines get the latest and most efficient catalytic technology.

What’s good for the environment is also good for your wallet. Because of the lower emissions you will be taxed less. Of course this is only applicable if you have to pay taxes in Belgium.

Roulez avec les voitures de société les plus sûres

3. Drive the safest company car.

Volkswagen is known for its technological innovations. Also when it comes to road safety. You can equip your company car with driver assistant systems like Front Assist, Lane Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and much more. This way you are always safe on the road.

Trouvez la voiture de société qui vous convient le mieux

4. Find the perfect company car for you

Volkswagen offers a very wide range of cars: from compact city cars to prestigious coupés, from robust SUVs to big vans, from sports cars to electric models. Whatever you need, we are sure you will find the company car that you will enjoy for years to come.

Trouvez toujours un concessionnaire proche de chez vous

5. Always have a dealer close by.

In Belgium Volkswagen has more than 100 dealerships (they also take care of the after-sales service). You will always find one close to home or close to work. Some of them are also a certified Fleet Center, dedicated to give you a tailor-made service . And you don’t have to worry about going abroad. In other countries our network is as elaborate there as over here.

Choisissez librement vos options

6. Choose your options freely.

At Volkswagen you are completely free to chose the options you want. So you equip your company car completely the way you want. And you only pay for what you need.

Do you still prefer a pack? We offer special business series with the latest equipment for an attractive price.

Laissez-vous convaincre par un essai

7.  Let a test-drive convince you.

It doesn’t matter what model you’re interested in, be it an e-up! or a Transporter Van: you are always welcome to come and test your future company car. We have every model from our range available for you. Book a test-drive now via our Contact Center. Or discover our Try, Drive & Buy formula: your dealer will deliver the car of your choice where and when you want.

Bénéficiez d’une offre sur mesure

8. Get a tailor-made offer.

If you are an entrepreneur with a VAT number or a company registration number, or if you are a member of the liberal professions, then we consider you to be a Business Customer. That way you enjoy very interesting fleet conditions in the complete official Volkswagen network in Belgium.

Depending on the number of cars in your car park or the number of cars you want to buy in a year, you get specific advantages. 

Bénéficiez d’une valeur résiduelle (valeur de revente) élevée

9. Enjoy a high residual value.

There is no doubt about it: Volkswagen offers quality cars that are highly reliable. That’s why you can be sure of a high residual value. This lowers your leasing cost, as it is the difference between the cost of purchase and the residual value.

Utilisez des solutions de mobilité innovantes

10. Use innovative mobility solutions.

e-Moby, the first electric leasing formula.

Volkswagen launched a service that makes driving an electric car very user-friendly. This way everyone enjoys a greener mobility. Because with e-Moby you have the 100% electric new e-Golf, the new e-up! and the Golf GTE and Passat GTE plug-in hybrids and a smart charging cable. This system automatically pays back all the electricity costs made by the driver.

Découvrez un service au top

11. Experience a top service

Driving a company car also means driving without worries. Everything is taken care of for you, even the smallest details. It will come as no surprise our fleet team is super motivated to outperform themselves every day. They work hard not only to satisfy clients 100%, but also to keep them satisfied. It’s something a brand like Volkswagen owes to itself.

Profitez de garanties étendues

12. Enjoy elaborate guarantees.

Piece of mind is important when you choose a company car. And that is something we offer in abundance.

Bénéficiez d’un faible Total Cost of Use (TCU)

13. Enjoy a low Total Cost of Use (TCU).

The TCU or Total Cost of Use is the sum of all costs coming from the technical side, the use and the state of the vehicle. For instance, the tax on bringing a vehicle on the road, the tax on driving a vehicle, the redemption, the interests, the cost of management, the insurances, the exemptions, the costs of repair and maintenance, the repair costs (end of contract), the costs for a replacement car, the CO2 contribution, the not applicable VAT, the fiscality, the severance compensation and the number of driven kilometres that weren’t foreseen in the contract.

Profitez de garanties étendues

14. Enjoy the expertise of Volkswagen D’Ieteren Finance.

With Volkswagen D’Ieteren Finance you can be sure of a tailor-made leasing contract. You can also enjoy the WECARE maintenance contract and the Insurance car insurance, services that are both as advantageous as they are complete.

Visez une fiscalité optimale

15. Optimize your fiscality.

You can get a great fiscal advantage out of a Volkswagen company car. Our electric cars, like the e-Golf and e-up!, and our plug-in hybrids, like the Golf GTE, Passat GTE and Passat Variant GTE, are 100% deductible. And a lot of other models are up to 90% deductible.

Nos Packs Business
Nos Packs Business
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Our Business Packs.

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